If you happen to be in New York on the morning of Sunday 23rd then please do head along to St. Thomas’s, Fifth Avenue to hear a performance of The Lord Is My Light, performed by the University of London Church Choir directed by Sally Martin-Brown.  This is the second performance of my music within a week, and the first for a while over on the other side of the ocean.

I loved my time in America when I was over there a few years ago, if briefly, and still view it as an untapped market.  I harbour a couple of doubts about my style and its suitability for American audiences, but would be very happy to be proved wrong.

I do still enter competitions based in America, and have had bits and piece performed over there, such as Intersection and some other small things, and cling to the idea that if you keep throwing things out into the ether something might just find its way back to you, something that has certainly happened in very short order with my review writing.

I would love to leap into some kind of faster-than-light machine and be in New York for the performance, but will instead be in lovely Puycelsi performing Dvorak, Mendelssohn and Elgar for Mark Opstad, organised with such aplomb, as ever, by the wonderful Ross and Ginny Jenkins, who have been so helpful in so many ways over the past months.

So, of course, if you happen to be in Puycelsi then it would be lovely to see you there as well.  Either way you will be treated to some wonderful music making.