Am I really going to take time out of writing and enjoying life to go and see Alien: Covenant?  You don’t need to search too deeply in this blog to see what I thought of the total mess that was Prometheus (there’s a hint as to my assessment of it), and I would like to think that I am once bitten, twice shy.

As a committed xenophile, though, I just can’t get those aliens out of my bloodstream, and the fact that Ridley Scott directs this newest offering has me thinking of that truckers-in-space classic from the seventies rather than the polish-it-until-it-shines nonsense from last time out.

Ridley Scott’s reputation rests, at least for me, on Alien and Blade Runner, both grimy, messy and possibly realistic (and therefore believable) depictions of the future, rather than the paint by numbers approach of more recent films.

It is easy to criticise, of course, but I do sometimes wonder whether my own best works are behind me, whether I have run out of quality.  Entering and failing to win competitions probably does not help, but on the other hand the adulation of the public, while lovely, fuzzy and warm, might not be the best way to judge where one’s creative essence is heading.

Oh to be a Beethoven or a Bach, getting progressively better and better and giving not a fig about what other people think, secure in your own fortress.  Or maybe even to be a Sibelius, retreating from composition to a life of gentle ease, red wine and cigars, even if, as we know, the great Finn was never truly silent.

There is more to be said about this, about the balance between hunger, desire, success and comfort, but for now, much as I would like not to, I think I am going to pay for my ticket and let those xenomorphs out once more, hope against hope.  Then I’ll go home and play this:

Legendary Encounters

Mostly they come at night.