Saturday was a long day, Sunday too, but all good music making, and Belshazzar’s Feast is coming into genuinely sharp focus prior to the concert at the Royal Festival Hall on Wednesday.  I think it is safe to say that much as we are looking forward to Wednesday evening, many of us will also be happy for Thursday morning to roll around.

For me Thursday morning will mean a shift to Mozart’s Requiem for a concert at the weekend and then a performance during the Anghiari Festival.  Thanks to the internet Mozart’s original score is available to view online, so I intend to immerse myself in what is his, what is not, and see what I might be able to glean in terms of his intentions.

Alongside all this I need to get to grips with the charts for the covers band, first gig coming up in less than a fortnight, and also work on what are currently two but might shortly be three commissions.  At some point in the not very distant future there will be introductions to write for the Anghiari Festival as well.

So as the rhythms of the freelance life work themselves out it is clear that I am in the middle of a busy patch, although with some elements of calm therein that need to be grasped with both hands.  It is all gratifying but tiring.

For now, though, the focus is wholly and solely Belshazzar, and I’ll enjoy being at the console of that Festival Hall organ again.  It is quite the machine, and frankly I think I will have one of the best seats in the house.