I really enjoyed my first run through of material last week with the covers band I’ve been invited to join.  There are many bands out there I would not touch with a bargepole, but Andy, JEBO’s bass player, forms part of this group and that’s enough of a recommendation for me.

I enjoyed myself so much that I went out and bought some new equipment, something I do only rarely for bands because when are you ever going to see that investment yield a return?  This time I think returns are there, and I also need something that is going to yield up convincing brass and string sounds live.

The gigging keyboardist really has three choices.  You can purchase a module and use your keyboard to trigger the sounds, put a virtual module on your laptop and trigger that, or just buy a keyboard that has the sounds on board.

I have a bad history of things involving leads and power supplies, and laptops are awfully prone to attempting to dial this or update that when you are in the middle of a tricky live moment, so the keyboard with sounds on board (as recommended by my brother) was the only choice for me.

I went for a Korg X-50, a few years old now but picked up unused and for a bargain price from a seller on Ebay, and I am really looking forward to getting to grips with it, having already watched some demonstration videos.  The genuine seal of approval, though, is its use by none other than John Paul Jones here, and if it’s good enough for Led Zeppelin it is definitely good enough for me.


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