The musical life is full of strange twists and turns, and you never quite know what is going to happen next.  Some of the better changes in my professional life have come about through chance meetings and contacts that have then developed into something much more substantial.

On Monday evening I was approached about some musical tinkering that could prove to be a route into a new musical avenue, one I am keen to explore.  Of course, as with so many of these things it could all lead to nothing, but you do not find out which doors will open until you give them a push.

I have never viewed nor described myself as an insert-adjective-here musician, instead viewing myself as a musician, embracing all the aspects that description has to offer.  Arranging, editing, transcribing, lecturing, playing, composing, directing – various things come my way and I do the bits that interest me.

Fundamentally, though, it is about enjoyment and the people involved.  I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people I esteem, even if I believe that luck is the by-product of choice and hard work and does not happen by accident.

More and more I cling to that credo, to work for people I admire and surround myself with people I love.  It minimises that peripheral noise and attention-seeking that is so much a part of modern existence, and occasionally leads to exciting new opportunities as well.