I spent yesterday evening in rehearsal with my new funk band, four hours of tough work on no fewer than twenty five songs.  That’s a significant number of notes to get together in a short timescale, given that our first concert is on Friday.

The chap at the main desk of the studios thought we sounded “well rehearsed” (we certainly were not!), and in our third song somebody poked their head round the door to say we sounded “amazing” and could he please have some business cards?  It was a good start.

I also got the chance to explore my new Korg and get the briefest of tastes of what the latest gigging technology has to offer – in-ear monitoring and personal mixing via an app on my mobile phone.  Apparently it even allows for a silent soundcheck – perilously close to magic.

So I am still tired and still dealing with other faffs and difficulties, but, as always, it is a relief to dive into music, and I was reminded tonight how fortunate enough I am to be able to work in this field, and not just because I can read charts, chords and notes quickly enough to hammer through twenty five songs in a night.

There is enough going on in the background to be draining – a beloved cat missing for three days and probably now never to return, delicately balanced decisions of personal safety versus charity, and, of course, the grinding sadness of knowing what people can do to other people, so it remains critically important to do good and surround oneself with good folk.  As always, seek joy where you can find it, and music is a good start.

Retrochic setup

Once I work out what the buttons do I’ll be fine.