The notation software Sibelius, the trusty friend of this composer, is absurdly flexible and easy to use once you know your way around it, and many is the time I have found some little useful nugget tucked away in some submenu or other.

Yesterday, unusually, I was not using it for my Classical work but instead to rewrite charts for the RetroChic gig on Friday.  Where the charts I had been given have what might be termed personal quirks the ones I am rewriting are in the style of orchestral parts, the kind of thing you could put in front of a professional player and have them read immediately.

Ideally I would love to have all the chords, fills and structures in my head, but doing so for twenty five songs in a short space of time is just impossible, especially when our versions differ in form from those I can find on the internet.

I also need to add in various keyboard indications and the like – sounds, effects, changes, and other things.  Eventually I’ll have some kind of house style up and running for these charts, just as I do for my in-house Classical publications.

Talking of house style, the gents in the band wear waistcoats, apparently, so I had to sally forth yesterday afternoon and buy one.  After finding several very sad and very gauche examples in charity shops I decided to swing by a certain discount clothes retailer, and, behold, there they were in grey, powder blue or black.  No prizes for guessing which of the three came home with me.

RetroChic Glasto Board

RetroChic headline Glastonbury!  The George & Pilgrim, Glastonbury, that is…