There are cheerier posts coming this week, I promise, but today has been a sombre day thus far at O’Neill Towers.  The house has been quiet of Joey’s padding for nearly a week, but it was only yesterday that the silence was confirmed as permanent.

I needed some cheering up yesterday, so I indulged gently in some good food, wine and viewing, all to lighten the mood, but it has been a tough few months personally, and, yes, I know that Joey was “just” a cat, but he was a constant companion for more of a quarter of my life.

At one point last night I could have sworn that he leapt up onto the stool in my study to be beside me, but it turned out that it was just a phantom limb sending strange signals to my brain.  This morning we transferred what was once him to the vet, and on we go with ideas about what to do next.

What I will do next is continue to miss him, of course, but that is the price that we pay for giving of ourselves, a price worth paying, I might add, which just goes to show how precious a thing that emotional attachment is.

This afternoon I intend to be back at my work, for a little while at least, to ease myself once more into the swing of things after a busy patch.  There are words and music to write, and other things to be sorted out, as well as time spent wisely with those with whom I would wish to be.

In the meantime, my thanks for the kind words that have come my way.  There’s a Joey sized space on my lap, but those small kindnesses go at least some way to filling it.