I had a thrilling but financially ruinous day out at the UK Games Expo on Friday, spending some wholly enjoyable hours wandering around the NEC as cardboard leapt into my open arms while the figures in my bank account dropped alarmingly.  For a day out and away from the stresses and strains of the everyday it was a real tonic, though I would not have wanted to be there over the rest of the weekend.

I met the owner of the site for which I write reviews, who was publicly effusive about my efforts, as effusive as he was pithy about his opinions of some other sellers and publishers, bumped into a couple of designers with whom I have links, and rubbed past various other figures from the industry.

As somebody who has lived within music for as long as I can remember, the world of cardboard is a relatively new experience, but, intriguingly, it does share some characteristics, among which is the fact that one can, with a good following wind, meet, mix and, on the right day, work with those one admires.

I have been able to work with some decent people in the musical sphere, generous, open, kind and supportive, and have found so far those same qualities in the gaming sphere, at contrast with some other professional areas.

I wonder why that should be the case, and I have my theories, but maybe they are for a different blog post, but that joy of doing what one does simply for the sake of doing it seems to exist as well in games design, journalism and promotion.  Long may that continue to be the case.