I had a pretty decent weekend of music.  Any pair of days that includes Mozart, Haydn and Bach is always going to end well, especially when it includes music making in good company.

By an odd coincidence, the Mozart music was his last work while the Haydn was his first authenticated work, a strange way to bookend the Classical period, even if the edition of the Haydn that we used was riddled with errors.

I am taken aback often by quite how slipshod some modern editions can be, and I am not talking about small matters of purely academic interest.  Basic harmonic errors, dropped accidentals, wrong notes, all may be found in many editions by modern publishers.

What is so depressing is that these errors are easy to spot even on a single run through as long as you have performing musicians to hand, or they could be flushed out simply by pressing Play on Sibelius.

More troubling is that the orchestral reductions often show a lack of understanding of how the textures of the orchestra work, making the accompaniment not only awkward but also unrepresentative of what the composer actually wrote.  It is one of many reasons why I publish my own music whenever possible rather than entrusting it to others.