Getting back into the swing of things after a quiet period, it is time to push on with various bits of writing, arranging, transcribing and what have you.  If not, those pesky deadlines will just keep on getting closer, so I need to keep them at arm’s length.

The orchestral piece is still flitting around my head in various segments which are not quite coalescing but not as flung to the four winds as they were a few weeks ago.  This week I need to attack the structure in earnest, and I think it will be a case of beginning at the end in order to work out how the piece should begin.

Then there is a little dab or re-orchestration to be done, often the symptom of the few weeks leading up to an Anghiari Festival.  Thus it is in this case, and I will be reducing the three horn parts in the original or a certain piece to two.

Lastly in the most immediate future, and for an entirely new avenue of work, is the deciphering of a MIDI keyboard file that, upon listening, is easy to notate, but which the notation software has spat out with all sorts of bizarre timings and accidentals.  Perhaps I will be able to fix this by tweaking a few settings, but quietly I think it will all need to be done from scratch.

Oh, and I nearly forgot – there are two more RetroChic gigs this week, so we were rehearsing once again last night.  It is not quite King’s X and neither is it quite JEBO, but it does what it does very nicely indeed, thank you very much.  Always good to be surrounded by so many musics.