Back in front of the computer for what felt like the first time in ages, I managed to do some rearranging work yesterday alongside some transcribing for what might turn out to be a new project.  Having dithered for too long, putting all my projects into some kind of order turned out to be the catalyst for getting something done.

Apart from the self-congratulatory satisfaction of being able to knock a couple of things off my to do list, it simply feels right to be back in front of either paper or screen, putting notes onto paper, whether my own or reimaginings of somebody else’s.

This should all clear up more time for me to be able to focus on the new orchestral piece, without the distant rumble of mental thunder, that knowledge of more pressing concerns nudged willingly to one side, even through they need to be addressed.

The next few weeks will in any case bring an increase in the demands on my time as the Anghiari Festival hoves into view, so the more that is done now the less pressured that whole experience will be, especially as the week of the Festival itself always brings unexpected surprises.

Today I’ll continue with the transcribing work, turning the gibberish of a MIDI-to-Sibelius output into something that looks more like Finzi than Finnissy, and then maybe work on my RetroChic charts and add some doodles to the orchestral piece.  Seems as though there is always something new to do…