It was another hot and sweltering day in Somerset yesterday, although not quite as oppressive as time spent in the heat sink of London, which is deeply heavy at the moment for many reasons.  At least the good weather means that the residents of these here parts might be able to travel this week without the well-heeled and trendy finding the Glastonbury Festival car parks sodden, thereby blocked all routes in and out of the area.

This is important to me, not just because I have enough of roads becoming car parks whenever I use the M25, but also because some of us (specifically me) need to get up to the capital for work this week.  There is playing and directing to be done, also a first meeting about a new project.

The new project is something slightly different and may or may not lead anywhere, but is of enough interest for me to see what happens.  It could be anything from something very small and short-lived to a fully fledged collaborative opportunity – what will be will be.

Then there is the orchestral piece, now just nudging gently up towards its deadline.  I have been putting off work on this, mainly because it has been difficult to know where to begin with this particular music, but I believe that I have put my best foot forward and broken the ground on it.

So everything ticks on, and the Parliament Choir are back in business too and sounding keen after their Belshazzar triumph (for a triumph it was).  Now all we need is for the temperature to drop a little and make London a little less hot and bothery.