There was a little bit of everything yesterday – some review writing, composition planning, and a little bit of arranging too, followed by a relaxing time at Wells and at home.

One of the advantages of this slightly scattergun approach to work is that everything helps to inform everything else, and I frequently come up against things I do not quite know how to do.

These moments present wonderful opportunities to learn and add new skills to my repertoire, and thus it proved yesterday, as I had to sit down and acquire knowledge of the finer ins and outs of drum kit notation, and also, for the first time since around 1995, create a line for bass guitar.

It has been a long time since I wielded my bass guitar in anger, but those shapes and ideas are still tucked away in the back of my brain.  I like to think that it gives me a slightly different point of view from some other arrangers, although whether that is good or bad I’ll leave to others to say.

Fun it was to strike out in a slightly different direction, even though the main focus is still on getting the new orchestral piece together.  It was really intriguing, though, to find the same question popping into my mind as I was putting that bass line together – What would John Deacon do?