A full and fulfilling day yesterday, taking me from one end of the Piccadilly line to the other and back again over a fourteen hour span, and including all sorts of different musical endeavours, from transcribing improvised saxophone solos by ear to earning a round of applause from the Parliament Choir for some impromptu theatrics designed to get them into the party spirit.

I prize my free time, my chances to play, relax and enjoy myself, so work needs to be something that brings rewards with it for me to find it worthwhile, especially as I head towards my half century.  Financial rewards certainly help to keep the wolf from the door, but there needs to be an intrinsic value in what I do if at all possible.

I would have to say that partially by luck but largely by design I seem to find myself in that happy situation where everything I do musically brings its own advantages and delights, even if they can be wrapped up in early starts, long drives and moments of stress.

Even so, yesterday was a particularly good day, and I look to the week ahead with more arranging to be done and more to be written on my new orchestral piece.  I had no time yesterday to get ideas for this onto paper, but am planning to do some work on it later today.

As for the rest of the week, a mixture of work and leisure beckons, and a couple of social engagements in the wilds of the Somerset countryside as our social circle gradually expands.  Who knows whether further possibilities might lie hidden therein?