I am less sure as time passes that sleeping through the night is something we humans are meant to do.  That whole first sleep and second sleep seems to make more and more sense to me as, on a near nightly basis, I awake four hours almost to the minute after I drop off, potter for a bit, and then go back to sleep.

Although often I will just lie there for a bit and then get bored simply drift back into slumber, sometimes I get up and do things, especially if I do not need to get up early.  I have at times read things, played things, and this morning I am writing things.

It is all the fours as I tap away on this blog entry (4:44) and I have just spent half an hour working on the new orchestral piece.  I know I probably should not be looking at a computer screen at this time of the day, but I know I’ll have no problem dropping off in around ten minutes or so.

The interesting thing is that it has been a very productive half hour, and I know I shall be less pressured as a result when the day proper arrives.  The deadline for this piece is imminent, so I really do need to get most of it sketched as quickly as possible so that I can fire through the refinement and orchestration phases.

When this post is published I shall hopefully be tucked back in bed and away in some kind of dreamland, but at least I will have made a head start on the day when it does arrive.  Maybe something will work itself out in the back of my brain as well between now and my next session in a few hours.