While it would probably be overly dramatic to describe today as make or break as far as composition is concerned, I still need to spend a good number of hours in front of manuscript, virtual or real, in order to hit two impending deadlines.  A slip of timing today would hardly scupper either project, but would impose more pressure upon me over what is shaping up to be a busy weekend.

Project One is Brindisi, which I think is more or less there in terms of its sketched material, perhaps even further along the road than that, and hopefully ready to begin acquiring its orchestral garb today.  Even though this piece does not go into rehearsal until the middle of July it would still be best for the parts to go out as soon as possible.

Project Two is the continuation of this new collaboration on which I have begun working over the part couple of weeks.  Another four hour meeting on Monday morning means that I need to get ahead with some transcribing work as soon as possible so that we have something on which to work, else we shall probably just sit there and twiddle our thumbs for a bit, which could be embarrassing for all concerned.

So the main question this morning is where to start, but the answer remains shrouded in the mist, even though I feel that I shall most likely gravitate to some kind of 50/50 approach through whatever time the demands of the day allow me.

There is time over the weekend, here and there, to do tinkering and extra work, but I am quite fond of the idea of being able to wind down rather than up at the end of the day, switch off rather than gear myself up for a session into the early hours.  Today, as so often, is about investment, putting those hours in for a smoother ride down the line, and there is a moral in there somewhere.