Ideally I would sit down in the morning and work through in some kind of calm and uninterrupted manner until my latest piece emerged, polished and vibrant, into the afternoon sun.  The real world, however, does not act like that.

For all the satisfying writing last week there were other currents behind the scenes to take my mind off the pleasure of composing music.  Some of these currents were very enjoyable indeed, such as the dinner party on Friday evening attended by the great and good of Shepton (yes, there are the great and good in Shepton!), and some currents were less pleasurable.

The good currents are delightful, of course, balm for the soul and fuel for the tank, but the bad currents have a habit of waking you up in the middle of the night, the better to drag you down when you are asleep.  However sleepy you might be, you need to remember to kick against these.

Through it all I have still managed to write music, and there is something deeply gratifying about that, even if it is a stolen moment here, a few minutes there, a long shift into the depths of the night.  That I think I have come up with a halfway decent orchestral piece is better still.

As the new week comes into view I do think I am going to miss a deadline, however, but only by a couple of days, and I need to point out that it was never really a deadline anyway, more a self-imposed target.  In any case to come through everything the past fortnight has had to offer with my timetable relatively unscathed feels like a small victory in itself.