I thought that long-time readers might appreciate a look at what one of my days actually looks like, rather than simply reading a vague description of what I have been up to, so here, a day late, is (was?) Monday.

Off to the other end of the Piccadilly line first thing in the morning with my laptop in tow, I spent four and a bit hours with my latest musical collaborator working on one of his compositions, refining his ideas, sharpening their focus and suggesting fragments for sub-par moments.  As happened the last time we met, we did not break or stop at all during the session, and were actually preparing to push into a fifth hour when we realised that our brains had turned to mush.  More of this on Sunday.

Back in town for a swift and late lunch (beef noodle salad and green tea for those interested) I had enough time to check emails, reply to those that needed answering, work on my latest composition on the laptop, and take the briefest of breathers.  Said composition’s deadline has been pushed back to Wednesday but it helps that I had also managed a sneaky half hour on this on the early morning tube journey.

Then it was into two hours of teaching, the first hour a one-to-one affair, the second a group session, working on notes and helping my singers to get ahead for the rehearsal that was to follow, which is where I spent the last two hours of the day, getting my fingers around Carmina Burana, effectively the latter half of my second four-hour shift.

Then it was back to the burrow at Hounslow, again with a little email checking and answering on the tube.  For once I had worked a full and intense eight and a bit hours, rather than that thing of writing for a bit, making a coffee, browsing some board games, making another coffee and writing a bit more, and tomorrow will bring more of the same with six hours of rehearsal.  As I sit here in the late evening with a glass of red wine, though, I think I have hit upon a decent end to the day.