I would love to say that I came off the back of Brindisi and immediately got stuck in to the next piece, but I did nothing of the sort.  Instead I kicked back, relaxed, watched the tennis, cooked an evening meal and then sat down to a couple of games of the rightly classic Catan, happily losing both.

The next piece can wait until at least the end of today, although it might be pushed back just a little even from there as the demands of Anghiari introductions and some other arranging obligations take precedence.  I have set myself a deadline of the end of the month, and feel confident of being able to hit it, as this will be a relatively short and small-scale work, even though it is still going to be important to get it right.

I enjoy most days in my line of work, even though that enjoyment sometimes has to bubble below the surface like some underground stream, but yesterday was one of those rare moments of calm that are near blessed in their stillness.  In the afternoon, taking care of the imminent remarks about Brindisi, replying to emails, watching Wimbledon, eyeing (and occasionally sipping) my glass of vino bianco, all the while with the summer breeze wafting through the cottage – well, it felt right.

The evening was also that perfect combination of food, wine, gaming and company, and it felt as though the pressure of the recent weeks had abated at least a touch.  Until the Anghiari Festival is done and dusted it will still be there, but that crushing, stultifying fear of being unable to produce a piece of work has been deftly sidestepped.  Again.

So on we go, with two more days of me time before I need to go back to London and take on the organ keys.  It would be good to have some sketches done for the new piece by then, and in this brief atmosphere of calm it might actually happen, but whatever transpires I need to enjoy the here and the now and embrace the thrill of writing to the sound of SW19.