Well, Sunday may be a day of rest for some but for me it represents the focal point of my working week. Ever since I was a fresh-faced choirboy all those very many years ago and through being a church, cathedral and freelance organist, while the rest of the world relaxes with a huge pile of papers and some sporting event or other, I, and others like me, hurtle around to keep music flowing.

Yesterday was a particularly busy example, as I was up at 5 in order to make my way to Hounslow and then up to Hampstead for their morning service. It was an easy start to the working day, though, the children’s choir accompaniment not taxing me too much, although I did have to improvise some chords to the Bonny Banks Of Loch Lomond – thankfully for the congregation I had left my jazz hands in Somerset.

From Hampstead (leaving time 11:54) I tubed to High Barnet (arrival time 12:33) in order to spend a few hours working on an arrangement with my new musical collaborator. We are already several sessions into this project and I am pleased to be able to report that we are working well together and that my terms of engagement appear to be expanding if anything. I was sent away with two further one-to-one sessions booked, and a ream of instructions about orchestration and backing vocals, work for the week to come.

Leaving High Barnet at 15:22 I headed back into town to Kensington (arrival time 16:20) to play the organ for Evensong at Mary Abbots, a feast of Monteverdi with strings and continuo (yours truly on the chamber organ). I was not convinced by the edition of the Magnificat that we were using – far too many rudimentary errors for it to be definitive Claudio – but it was a refreshing and delightful experience, including one of my favourite chords in all music.

Done at Mary Abbots I returned to Hounslow and then pointed the Astra westwards with only a brief stop in Twickenham to pay lip service to one of my other pleasures, dropping off a copy of Century: Spice Road to a fellow gamer, played once and felt to be decidedly meh, but great for new arrivals to the hobby.  Home at just gone midnight I squeezed the final glass out of the last wine box from my visit to France in April and tucked into emails and this blog. What day of rest?