I was up at five again this morning, but this time did a little work and then threw myself back into bed for a bit, and that little work has given me a head start on the day.  That is just as well, for a couple of deadlines have moved closer to now and, between taps on this, I am working on Brindisi with the tennis on in the background.

The string players will begin work on the piece tomorrow, prior to the first rehearsal next week, and then we shall be in Anghiari.  Most of the introductions are written in English, thanks to yesterday morning’s mammoth stint, but the translations will have to wait until the next couple of days are done.

Tonight I shall be out with what remains of RetroChic as we audition new singers.  We have had to let a couple of gigs go while we regroup, but hopefully we shall have a fruitful evening, and I enjoy the company of the other folks in the band.

Tomorrow will be spent adding string parts to the piece by my saxophonist collaborator, something that I expect will take up a decent part of the day, although I hope to have it all done by the time the tennis comes back on, and then my working week hoves into view

If nothing else this past fortnight – work during the day with the tennis on in the background – has provided a gentle and productive rhythm, and even though the next days will be busy, I am confident of getting things done and ready in good time.