It is pushing towards one in the morning as I write this and I have been home for about an hour.  It has been an intensive couple of days of work in the capital, and I now have the briefest of intakes of breath before the Anghiari Festival.

Oddly, perhaps, my main focus over the past two days has been the transcribing and arranging work with my saxophonist colleague.  We are both off on tour at the rest of the week – to the same country, as it happens – so have been cramming in the hours on his new piece.

I am really enjoying this new project.  I think I have said before that it appeals to my strengths, and I genuinely do believe that to be the case.  Working with Joe has also been a wonderful learning experience for me, a lesson in how to propose, refine and compromise without necessarily giving ground.

Back in the Classical world the strings of Southbank Sinfonia gave part of Brindisi its first run on Friday, and the rehearsal proper will be on Wednesday.  Having struggled to get this piece onto paper I am now quite excited to hear how it will sound, especially with the spatial elements.

Actually, Brindisi has also been an exercise in proposing, refining and compromising without giving ground, and, in retrospect, I now realised that I wrote that kind of flexibility into the piece, although I cannot now remember if that was a conscious decision.  The composing mind remains a strange thing.