The storm woke me during the night so I sat up for an hour as it passed and tinkered with a few bits of work.  I also learned that my car alarm works, as, I assume, did my neighbours.

It is all much calmer today, though not far from Waterloo I know that Southbank Sinfonia are having their first run through Brindisi.  I sorted out what were hopefully the final details on this yesterday, though there may be some more changes to come if it does not hang together in its first rehearsal.

At least we have time to iron out any wrinkles before the first performance next week, and it is hard to believe that not too long ago I wondered whether this piece would ever come together.  I think I was just too intent on the details and lost sight of the bigger picture.

Talking of the bigger picture:


In exalted company…

I feel that a very gentle shift has happened in terms of my attitude towards composition over the past few months, and I am still not sure what that shift may be.  Whispering at the back of my mind, though, is some kind of calm voice reminding me that maybe I have enough craft to be able to work myself out of the next impasse.