Over the years in Anghiari there have been many moments to remember, stresses and strains, but many laughs as well.  In the interval of the final concert of this year’s Festival one of the Southbank Sinfonia team actually ended up herding cats for example, attempting to get our feline friends off the stage.

Another few memorable moments occurred this year, one when I was half way down the hill to Bar Baldaccio, only then to realise that I was being called back to the stage for a presentation.  Hills in Anghiari are steep, so my sprinting return was a triumph of mind over body.

On another occasion this year, separated from my glass of wine by an orchestra, soloists and several hundred audience members, I defenestrated myself, leaping out of a window in order to be reunited with my vino rosso.  That the Festival Director was entering via the same window gave the moment a beautiful symmetry.

I shall also remember standing on the stage in Piazza del Popolo on Tuesday evening, taking photographs of the clouds at five minute intervals to see where they were going and how fast, the better for James, the Southbank MD to determine whether the 9 o’clock bonanza could go ahead outside.  It did and the rain held off.

Lastly, at least for this entry, I should mention my comical attempts to unite the mayor of Sansepolcro with a chair, any chair, at the choral concert on Thursday night.  For a long time I had one or the other and the twain were steadfastly refusing to meet, but eventually the mayoral posterior was united with a suitably positioned seat.