For me the Anghiari Festival is all those end of year school events rolled up into one.  It requires a huge amount of preparation, and once it is done the holidays hove into view.

It is taking a couple of days to get used to the sensation of waking up without a pressing deadline on the breakfast table, but I am acquainted with this rhythm.  For me the year runs more or less in two six month patches with a lull in the middle of each, so this is the calm before it all starts again in September.

That does not mean that I am sitting here with nothing to do, however.  There is the piece for violin and narrator to get on with, and other bits and bobs of arrangement and writing to be done.

It is a good feeling to be able to sit at home for a while without having to point the car towards London, to have friends round without keeping an eye on the clock for an early night, to play games without having to double check their play time.

As the academic year draws to a close it is an opportunity to look backwards and forwards, just as I will do as 2018 comes into view.  It is also an opportunity to prune what is not needed and nurture what is desired.