I think it is fair to say that the weekend brought some exciting developments with it.  As usual, it is far too early to go into specific details, but there is scope to move into a slightly new area as far as my music goes, something different and fulfilling.

I take the point of view as far as work is concerned that nothing has happened until something has happened, which seems sensible.  Often those possibilities fizzle out and come to nothing and may well have been forgotten even before that happens, but once in a while they become something concrete and propel me forwards.

I firmly believe that luck is preparation given an opportunity, and subscribe totally to Emerson’s dictum that Shallow men believe in luck.  Strong men believe in cause and effect.  So, yes, at times I have been lucky, but being in the position to catch that lightning in the bottle is the product of those small and consistent daily efforts.

It is really all part of an overarching plan, part of my vision since before even I left school, that what I do should as much as possible be enjoyable and satisfying.  Some days are better, some less so, but take that variance aside and I am cling closely to that original aim.

So let us see how, when and, crucially, if this latest possibility leads somewhere.  If it does not, well, I shall come away from it with experience and hopefully as a better musician, and that is hardly a disaster.