After a particularly bumpy landing when the pilot practically threw the plane onto the runway at Gatwick the flight attendant came onto the speaker system to say “Ladies and gentlemen, we have definitely arrived at Gatwick,” and it is fair to say that I have definitely gone back to work.  While I had some time at home last week, a wedding in the extended family took me away for a couple of days and then I was thrust into the London working week.

I have also had to be quite efficient in getting things done, not just because otherwise I am going to find myself overwhelmed with long-overdue projects, but also because there are some particularly fast moving endeavours going on at the moment.  One of these in particular is priority number one and involving a decent percentage of my time.

It is still critical to remember that making a living is not the same as making a life, and that time needs to be apportioned to other pursuits, whatever they may be.  This is always my busiest period of the year, welcome in many ways after the quiet of August, but still sometimes uncomfortable when so many ideas and projects suggest themselves in that summer break.

September is very much my New Year, and as good a time as any to implement resolutions, ideas and improvements, also to remind myself about those things I did not quite manage to get done in the previous twelve months.  At the back of my mind there is also a large piece suggesting itself, along with that nagging voice that says work on your technique.

Professionally, though, I would have to say that things are going well.  This new project is certainly playing to my strengths, and this term brings with it lecturing, playing, directing and many other things, all of which run alongside my reviewing and tapping of words to add more empty weight to the internet.  This promises to be an interesting year, and I will be intrigued to see where things stand next September.