I am at home for a couple of days this week, bookended by a stint in London and a trip abroad, but hope to spend a decent amount of time chez moi once I return from my latest jaunt.  In the quieter times I have been reflecting upon where I should be in five or so years from now.

I have some pretty clear ideas, and at least having some kind of goal in mind means that one can beginning planning the journey to that end.  There are several variables, many things out of my control, but I like to plan along the lines of worst-case scenarios, and take any positive surprises as useful bonuses.

I was talking with a colleague on Tuesday about job satisfaction, directions in life and the like, and the question came up, as it sometimes does, of what we would do if we no longer needed to earn a living.  As it happens, my colleague is in that situation, so for them it was a more pertinent question of finding value in living, but it was a useful exercise for me in any case.

In two and a bit years time I shall be fifty years old, and that seems as good a time as any to make some significant changes to my overall direction, so I have been mapping out the things that value most to me and those that do not, also how to be in a position to focus solely on the former.

At forty I left most of my teaching behind to channel my energies more fully into composition, my first love, and at fifty I plan to make that move even more pronounced.  Some things will stay and some will go, and I already have a fairly clear idea of what falls into which category, so it feels like it is time to start putting a plan together.