Today will be one of those classic mix-and-match days, a church service to play for in the morning and a four hour session with my saxophonist colleague in the afternoon.  In the former case I have no information about what might be required of me, but in the latter I am prepared to dive in to our latest project.

Alongside this I have received a little clarification on the piece for violin and narrator that means I should be able to plough on and get it finished within the next few days or so.  It is only a couple of minutes long, so short and sweet, but it is still important to get it right.

Yesterday I was up early to catch up on various things that had slipped during my time away – blogs, tweets (Tweets?) and the like – and in the afternoon we managed to get a couple of new games to the table, one a greater success than the other but both worth keeping.  It seems far less serious than the musical side of my work, but writing about board games is still something I enjoy and something I would like to continue doing.

After today I shall be back in the West, hiding for a few days, no doubt to continue work on the latest saxophone project, as well as preparing for this term’s lecturing commitments.  This term tends to be my busiest of the year, so the earlier I get to grips with its demands the better.

In the distance I am still looking at what my life will be like in a couple of years time, and the most significant thing I can do about that at present is simply to make it common knowledge, to trigger conversations.  I have done it before, but every time it feels like a step in the dark, and meanwhile the daily rhythm of services and the like continues and serves to focus my mind on what I truly desire.