I have no idea what a regular sleep pattern is.  Yesterday was a late start, yet here I am today beginning to tap away before six in the morning, although in the spirit of complete disclosure I should point out that this is at least partially due to the need to put out the recycling.

So what to do?  Go back to bed for a bit, toasty and warm, or instead to put on the coffee and tackle the morning, getting a vast array of things done before midday?  I did, after all, take things easy yesterday, sorting out a few things, cooking, watching a couple of films…

…and flicking through my well-worn copy of Twentieth Century Harmony by Vincent Persichetti.  This is normally a sign that I feel a deep need to do some work on my technique, and I would be hard pushed to deny that again to be the case.

Sometimes I wonder whether that book is so last century, but for somebody like me, who still deals in notes rather than samples and sound manipulation, it has a huge amount to give, even if I often feel that the moral of its story is simply to write what you want.  I do, however, enjoy the invaluable advice therein, also the occasional appearance of what I feel to be very dry humour.

Every now and again I tell myself that I am going to take a few months to work through the entire book, including the exercises, and that decision normally begins with enthusiasm before petering out.  That voice is back again, though, and maybe this time the journey will go a little further.