Keep a diary, they say, and eventually the diary will end up keeping you.  Thus it appears to be also with blogs, and taking a break from writing this has made me realise that it had become my priority for each new day.

Ironically it then took time away from the very thing about which I should have been blogging, and it did not make much sense to keep tapping away on words without any music to write about.  The break, therefore, though only partially voluntary, has served me well.

I have managed to finish the first draft of a short piece for violin and narrator, now named (albeit tentatively) A Second Was Once.  It is currently in the hands of its commissioner for test driving before some final tweaks, but it was a refreshing reminder of how a piece can come along in leaps and bounds if enough time and care is spent on it.

In all other areas of professional endeavour things have also been ticking along nicely, the arranging and writing going well, and I have been much more intent of late on getting notes down onto paper, even if just sketched-out versions of musical whims.

Personally the past fortnight has been a little bumpy, but nothing I cannot get past.  I just need to remember that on an ideal day the composing comes first and everything else needs to be secondary to that.