I have clearly fallen out of the habit of regular blogging, but I think that is acceptable if I have been busy behind the scenes, which I have. The normal musical fodder has been there, to which have been added this term’s lecturing requirements and various personal stresses and strains.

Some of those stresses and strains have been more irksome than others, but the important part is to try to wrest control of those situations, something I feel I have more or less been able to achieve. Fitting in writing around all those other things has been a little tricky, but not impossible.

I have also received confirmation of another commission which dovetails nicely with the work for violin and narrator that I have just finished. It will give me something on which to focus over the coming weeks, even if the deadline is far away.

There have also been a couple of small adjustments to my own personal timetable in an effort to be more productive with my time and still have enough spare hours to do my own thing. Early days yet, but all heading in the right direction so far.

Meanwhile the arranging, playing and directing continue, and it remains a pleasure to get back to those, especially when it feels as though I have spent much of the past two weeks fighting battles, only one of which has been the layout settings of Sibelius to do what I want them to do. Still, chin up and all that, and on we go!