It has been a busy few weeks, too much other stuff going on that needs to be sorted out and not enough spare time or energy to commit to regular blogging, but I shall reapply myself at some point soon, I promise.  I have been writing (words and music), arranging, seeking out texts…and dealing with other domestic matters whose nettles needed to be grasped.

Still, all is well, especially because it looks as though some new pieces might well be on the horizon, a set of songs and perhaps also something for Christmas.  I have spent so much time on arrangements recently that it will be refreshing to get back to creating something new.

There has been the lecturing as well, all of which goes to add more fuel to the compositional fire, coupled with the usual rounds of listening, reading and analytical work.  As I like to say, in this line of work everything goes to inform everything else.

I was thrilled last week to be invited to take part in a Bach tour to Germany next year, including a concert at the great(est) composer’s church in Leipzig, and other venues where he lived and worked.  Having never had the opportunity to pay my respects to JSB in person, I am near giddy with excitement to have the chance to do exactly that.

Best of all, though, and out of the blue, I was given a copy of the item pictured last week, thrust into my sweaty hands only a few hours after publication.  It currently sits alongside my gorgeous Folio edition of His Dark Materials, which I am rereading before diving into this new acquisition, and being lost in those universes once more is delightful.


Lucky me!