We are nearly into November, the clocks have gone back – this all means that Advent and Christmas cannot be far away, the busiest time of the year.  It is going to be very hectic very soon, and not only with musical endeavours, so I am trying my best to be organised and efficient.

As part of this, I did some sketching on the tube to work yesterday morning, fiddling with a proposed text and putting together some very rough musical ideas for what might be a new piece.  These are probably the equivalent of a painter popping a couple of doodles into a notebook, but at least they represent a start, and if notebooks were good enough for Beethoven then they are certainly good enough for me.

The text I have to work with has already suggested various musical ideas, rhythms, melodic elements and scale patterns, and these will be the building block of this piece’s particular sound world.  It has some whole-tone ideas, though not exclusively, and some other core concepts that I think might work quite well.

There will be at least one other piece to begin to write alongside this, and possibly even two competition entries.  It can be very difficult for a creative artists to get all those pencils lined up in order to start work, and I would love to have a solid routine, but, as I have written so many times before, I think that I just need to seize the moments as and when they become available.

At least when the core idea of a piece is clear it tends to be easier to write, so I am optimistic about these new ideas, and hopefully I will be able to do the same with the other new works.  If so it promises to be a productive few weeks, however busy things might become.