it was a quieter day yesterday, at least until the evening when the doorbell was in constant service at the fingertips of various werewolves, witches, zombies and the like.  The Somerset undead are certainly are more polite than the Mitcham marauders, though.

Prior to the opening of the portal between the worlds I spent some time continuing to revise the text for my current choral work, tightening a few phrases here and there and reinforcing the structure.  Where choral music is concerned the text tends to dictate the form, a hindrance sometimes but, in this case, potentially a great help.

As we head into November there are various non-musical issues to be dealt with, one of which will come to a head in the next week or so, but nothing to derail the train from the tracks, I hope.  This might also be an opportune moment to point out that several Advent and Christmas carols and arrangements are available to download for free from my website.

I have also realigned my daily timetable ever so slightly when I am home from London, a little earlier to bed of an evening, a little earlier to the composing desk in the morning.  So far it has proven to be productive, and not just because it leaves more time for off-duty fun later in the day.

Yesterday, for example, with the composition and various other bits of work done, we put Letters From Whitechapel onto the table for the first time, its gruesome subject matter deemed appropriate for that particular evening, and a great experience it was too, KT’s villain slipping easily between the fingers of my befuddled police force.  Then we settled down to watch Alien for the umpteenth time, to remind ourselves not only why it is so much better than the new films, but also why the soundtrack is quite so evocative.


Blood on the streets as the police hunt for clues…