Here is a snapshot of my next few days.  I keep talking about things being busy, so here is what is actually happening, and perhaps it illustrates just how tricky it has been recently to fit in some composition.

In around half an hour I will be heading out to play for a rehearsal and then a Remembrance Service in Kensington, and immediately after that I will leap on a tube to head eastwards for an eight-hour arranging session with my saxophonist colleague.

Tomorrow is slightly easier, a day of playing and study on Orff’s Carmina Burana in preparation for our Parliament Choir concert in a fortnight.  In the evening I will enjoy a little time off, probably put the finishing touches to a couple of game reviews and maybe – maybe – compose.

On Sunday morning it will be another Remembrance Service, and after that I will drive to Bristol for a video shoot with RetroChic, something that we will use for promotion.  If we finish early enough I will head home for a couple of hours and then drive back to London.

On Monday I will be taking a study class on Beethoven’s String Quartet in Eb, Op.127, and then into town to teach a couple of singing lessons and play for a Parliament Choir rehearsal.  Tuesday morning will see me with my class from Central Saint Martins, and it may be that there will be another eight-hour saxophone arranging session after that…and then home.