I celebrated the heavy snowfall yesterday morning by falling over within thirty seconds of leaving the house.  Unlike my serious moment on the ice rink outside the Natural History Museum a few years ago this happened in pretty slow motion, enough for me to attempt to preserve my fingers and bones and instead to fall on my fleshy bits.

While my entire left side spent the rest of the day protesting at the sudden support it had been asked to give, otherwise I was unhurt, even if my footwear and jeans took on a good deal of moisture.  Thus it was that I began the day by accompanying the carols for a nativity play while in wet socks, my first ‘Little Donkey’ of the season.

That drama apart, yesterday was one of those patchy days as far as work was concerned – a nativity play, a school choir, a Mass setting by Lotti, Gibbons’ wonderful This Is The Record Of John, and so on.  Everything different and most of it interesting.

The carols continue today and tomorrow, and on Wednesday the light appears at the end of the tunnel.  I need to put a little bit of work to bed, and then to begin planning my next commission, a set of three songs to texts by Emily Dickinson.

I shall also be getting together with part of RetroChic for preliminary work on some new material, continuing my arranging work for a new album of saxophone music, and preparing lecture notes for a set of classes in the new term.  All calmly, though, and hopefully with a little more time to spare around the edges once the next couple of days are out of the way.