Although I am still in London for a few hours yet, I received news this morning that a CD-shaped package had dropped through the door at home.  I was not expecting anything, but it turned out to be a copy of the fresh-off-the-press recording of the Missa Seria and Dominus Regit Me on Priory Records.

I shall give it a listen at my leisure tomorrow, but I am glad to have another recording in the catalogue, especially as it also features music by Grayston Ives, my tutor at Oxford, about whom I have written many times.  The recording has been made by the singers at St. George’s Cathedral, which is where I plied my Sunday morning trade for a decade, another happy link.

If I have the inclination I shall also spend some time over the next few days sketching out ideas for the new set of songs, although I strongly suspect that I shall need at least one day to catch up on sleep, viewing, and all the other necessary comforts.  I would certainly like to have some large-scale planning drawn up by the weekend, though, at which point I will be back in the capital.

Quite apart from this new work there have been whisperings of some other commissions along the way, and I am optimistic that at least some of them will come to pass.  2018 will also need to be the year in which my plan to spend even more of my time on writing will have to begin falling into place.

CD releases, broadcasts and performances all go to help build up a reputation but also, and perhaps more importantly, confidence.  It may seem a little late to be thinking this only as I head towards the far end of my forties, but I am starting to get the impression that I may just be becoming an established composer, whatever that may be.