It has been a busier start to the year than I had expected, and last week was significantly more pressured than I had hoped it would be, a couple of non-musical matters needing attention, taking time away from writing.  I also had to sort out my charts for the RetroChic gig on Saturday evening, and even though it took several hours of work it was worth it in the end, things going swimmingly on the business end of my keyboards.

At some point before the next gig I shall delve into the manual for my lovely Korg X-50 and begin to explore its secrets, especially the ability to split the keyboard and thereby end up with multiple sounds set up at any one time.  At this point in my life I would not say that my ambitions lie primarily in the field of funk covers bands, but things do have a habit of happening if one focuses on doing things better than others.

I also spent half an hour on Sunday morning discussing what could be the fourth commission of the year.  We need to nail down some of the more specific details, but the generalities have been outlined and we all appear to be on the same page.

In the midst of it all I spent the week listening to Bernstein’s Symphony No.2 The Age Of Anxiety, which I have enjoyed very much indeed.  His other two symphonies I can take or leave, but this one hits the spot, and I think it is by far the best and most interesting of the three, at times sounding like other writers, but at other points distinctively from the pen of Lenny himself.

The week ahead will see more saxophone work tomorrow, and then hopefully I shall be able to put other hassles behind and concentrate more fully on composition work.  I certainly need to get notes down onto paper if I am to hit these various commission deadlines, and am looking forward to being creative.