I am about to head out for another eight hour session of arranging and transcribing for saxophone.  It looks as though our first set of studio dates is about to be confirmed, but there is still no opportunity to take our feet off the accelerator.

After the day is done, and after the trek from one end of the Piccadilly line to the other I shall point the Astra towards home and, if the roads are open, be back before midnight.  Tomorrow will be quieter, with a jaunt down the road to Glastonbury, but otherwise there will be less to fit in.

The start of the year has been hectic, not just with this saxophone project but also with some other issues, but most of those have now been dealt with or are at least in the position where they can be left to look after themselves, so I am hoping to have some decent writing time over the coming days.  It will be good to have a clear diary and a clear head.

Yesterday brought another discussion about another commission, this one more hypothetical than the previous ones, but something to cling to as the year rolls on.  I also felt a renewed desire with the clearer days ahead to sit down and attack some manuscript.

Now, though, I need to pack my things ready for the journey home, and then traverse London from West to East.  It is a long journey, but it gives me time to collect my thoughts, organise my to-do list, and maybe rest my eyes just a little ahead of the day to come.