It took a while to get the toothpaste out of the tube, and it is not always easy to compose with soft rock classics from the eighties playing over the café’s speakers, but sure enough the notes began to appear on paper after a little technical sketching.  An hour later I had enough material to be getting on with, certainly enough to consider the endeavour a good start.

There should be time today as well to get some writing done, probably on the same piece, and I am eager to get the notes down while things are just a little quieter.  It all tends to become a little more busy towards the end of March, so now is my chance.

I also managed to clear a few lingering items from my to-do list, not so many that there is nothing left for today, but still enough to clear the air and be able to look forwards rather than back.  There was even time for a couple of games in the evening as well – another loss at Unfair and a single-point victory in Roll Through The Ages.

In the middle of it all the new overlords of Formula One decided to dispense with grid girls henceforce, and not before time.  For a sport that positions itself at the cutting edge, to see those pampered and exclusively male millionaires surrounded by what Bernie would refer to as “dolly birds” made me cringe every time I saw it.

The Sun would have you believe that killjoys have stolen all their fun and (sigh) banter, and that “Formula One fans are in uproar”, but a quick glance at F1 message boards here and there will tell you, as with so many stories in that paper, that the facts are at some distance from their reporting, and for the World Darts Championship to have led the way and F1 to follow is testament to how overdue this decision is.  In many respects yesterday was a very good day indeed.