The bad news is that it has been very difficult to carve aside time for composition during the past weeks and months, to the extent that I wonder how on earth I managed to get so much done only a few years ago.  The good news is that whatever time I do spend writing these days tends to be very productive.

Even if I can only grab a half hour here or a few minutes there, I seem to be able to forge ahead with some decent new ideas in relatively short order.  They need tidying and tweaking almost without exception, but rare are the days when I stare at a blank screen or sheet of paper without getting anything down at all.

Some of that productivity is undoubtedly due to the fact that my craft is much stronger than it was, and that I am able to recast material into something new when I find myself with the feeling that the inspirational juices are running dry.  It might also even be helpful, if not quite ideal, to have limited time in which to work, so that my focus is keen and undiluted.

It is always jam tomorrow with me, so come March, so I keep telling myself, I will have more time to write, although the diary is already beginning to look alarmingly overburdened with scribblings and the ominous and omnipresent “TBC”.  With four commissions and one competition on the go at present I certainly need to find the time here and there to get things done.

Part of being relaxed about the whole situation is down to what I have written about before, that I am able to divide the inspirational from the critical and keep them apart from each other.  Even as I write ideas down I know that they are not good enough, but being able to leave the recasting until later in the day gives me so much more material with which to work in the first place.