The weather forecasters were a little bit off on Sunday evening, the promised snow materialising only briefly in the evening, so yesterday morning the road outside my window was passable, even though it took me two goes to get up the steep but oddly named Cats Ash (sic, no apostrophe, despite what some of the internet would have you believe).  How strange that my banks seem determined to strip my surname of its apostrophe and I cannot log in to Waterstones (that once was Waterstone’s) if I use one, but that the world seems determined to bestow an extra one upon our local Cats.

Anyway, yesterday was one of those days for running around, for split second timing across various means of transport, including cars, tubes, trains and buses, none of which was helped by a lorry straddling the only road out of Shepton, and the combination of drifting snow and Stonehenge meaning that the traffic across Salisbury Plain moved at a snail’s pace.  Still, make it to London I did and the rest of the day passed by without incident, if in a little of a blur.

In the evening at the Parliament Choir rehearsal we ran through my four-part adaptation of the Osanna from Mozart’s Mass in C minor, which would have been in eight voices had Mozart had the heart to finish it.  Rewriting Mozart feels distinctly wrong, but, in my defence, I do only use his notes and add not a single one of my own, even if the word underlay by necessity is a little conjectural at times.

It seems to work well, though, and it also makes the movement much easier to perform and rehearse in a limited period of time, so job done on that one at least.  It also gives a choir an excuse to sing some Mozart, something that throws the efforts of many other composers into sharp and unflattering relief, yours truly included.

Back in Somerset for the day I intend to crack on with the Missa Loquebantur Variis Linguis, try to get the bulk of the first sketches done before the end of the day, even if I doubt that I shall break the back of the piece before the end of the week.  I am hoping also to have time to catch up with some board game matters as well, reviews, plays and so on, especially as out there in the sad remnants of the Somerset snow is a package with my name on it.