Next week is a combination of appointments and calm, the rigours of Holy Week coinciding with the end of my lecturing for the current academic year.  There are already rumblings and movings (not quite shakings) that might change things come September, but for now those remain as rumbles on the distant horizon.

Most work this week is of the playing variety, and even the saxophone sessions are now devoted almost entirely to interpretation rather than creation, which frees up brain space for my own writing, so I have been diving into the Missa Loquebantur Variis Linguis, the process of writing itself suggesting more ideas as I go along.  There are some ideas I have for this piece that will need some coaxing into shape, but I am confident that will happen.

At some point over the next couple of weeks I also need to sit down, take a deep breath, and work out my plan for the next year or so, for work is creeping inexorably into my writing time, and I was once quite effective at keeping the two separate.  One small concession does not make too much of a difference, but add many of them together and suddenly one is no longer pointing towards the desired destination.

Lastly, disappointment and delight in the past twenty four hours.  After all the hubbub and gorgeous trailings we went to see The Shape Of Water, winner of all sorts of awards, and I found it deeply unsatisfying, predictable too.  Lovely acting, cinematography, use of colour and all the rest, but a total mish-mash of genres that eventually churned out a film that could not ever decide what it wanted to be.  Now I think about it, that is pretty much what I felt about Pan’s Labyrinth as well, so maybe Del Toro is just not for me.

In the pleasure column, however, my first play of Tim Fowers’s game Burgle Bros. – move your team around the building to crack the safes, grab the loot and get out, a clean and elegant design that incorporates some very clever things indeed.  I nabbed the mirror from the ground floor safe easily enough, but onto the first floor I was backed into a corner, lost my grip, fell into the foyer below and was spotted by a guard.  Game over, but a tight and exciting story, and so much more enjoyable than two and a bit hours of wafty aquatic  posturings.

Burgle Bros

Spotted!  Game over…