I have written before that there is a tipping point in each piece, a moment when the disparate fragments of music come together and suddenly reveal how they all fit together as a whole, and, with the Missa Loquebantur Variis Linguis, that moment came yesterday.  This has certainly been a work that has evolved as it has progressed, so that the ideas I have now are quite different from those with which I started.

In the past I have attempted to stick to my original plan too rigidly at times, and that has led me up some musical blind alleys.  As always, there is a balance to be sought between that bold original plan and what actually comes off the end of a pencil, and the piece needs to fly under its own propulsion at a certain point.

I am ever more ready to change and adapt in my writing, which is very satisfying, and the extra initial work that process entails is more than worth it in the end, not just in terms of the result but also in time saved going around in circles.  I am also much more aware that a depressingly banal first idea is not necessarily a dead end as much as it is a starting point.

Today I hope to get the Agnus Dei of the Mass sketched, for the other movements are advanced enough to be at the stage where I can begin to fill in details and polish rough edges.  There is a sketch for the Agnus on my desk, but it does not now make sense with what precedes it, so it will be a question of writing anew and recasting some of the material that already exists.

This evening our new neighbour will be popping round for some food, drink and games.  Thus far we have struck lucky with the new resident of number seven, and we hope that it will be the beginning of a long and rewarding friendship, but I need to earn my evening’s fun, get an Agnus finished before the cardboard hits the table.