I managed to get the bare bones of the Agnus of the new Mass finished yesterday, a harmony that builds in tension towards its eventual release, repeating organ patterns and vocal lines that weave around each other, sometimes coinciding, often going their own way.  It is a good start and gives me some decent material to work on today.

I had hoped to get the piece finished by this weekend, and I think that is still possible for the basic complete version, but it will be the middle of next week at least before all the details are in place, and probably a few days on from there before I have let them simmer enough to know that the work is finished.  This will all coincide with a relatively long stint in London, so everything is subject to change.

Our new neighbour popped round yesterday evening for some introductory fizz, food, chatting and gaming, and I think I would have to adjudge the evening a success.  Things can always change, of course, but the initial omens are good, and I hope that we will have an abundance of happy times together, most of all that he will settle in and be content here.

We dusted off our copy of Dominion, which we have not played for a while, as it is easy to teach and satisfying to play, also quick enough to enable several games to be played in a single session, and we knocked out six in a row.  It would have been more, because our new neighbour was determined to win a game before calling it a night, but his impending work day coupled with our refusal to go easy on him meant that his first victory will have to wait for another day, hopefully not too far off.

I intend to do a hefty stint of work on the Agnus today and tidy up some other areas of the Mass, and then we are expecting another visitor tonight, though this time the impending work day tomorrow is mine.  It has been a full and good week, productive on many fronts, so on we go..