It is going to be a busy week, what with two days in the studio and more tapping away on the first draft of the book, but somewhere in there I really want to finish the first sketch of the new songs.  Work on these has gone pretty well so far, thanks in the the main to oodles of pre-compositional planning, which has given me a wide-ranging but (crucially) unified array of melodic and rhythmic cells from which to assemble the music proper.

There is also the matter of seeing whether I will wake up today with a boiler that can stagger through the next hours until we manage to get an engineer to come and have a look at it, for the house I arrived at last night was without hot water, apart from what was in the kettle.  Another dent in the savings, but these things happen.

Talking of things happening, on Sunday morning the Missa Loquebantur Variis Linguis will receive its first performance at Mary Abbots in Kensington.  The piece has had a slightly bumpy ride, including a misprint on the title page overlooked despite several readings by yours truly, but it should be good to go by the weekend.

I must admit that I still have a few ideas about that piece, enough to make me think that it is possible that I could return to it at some stage to do some further tinkering.  We shall see whether time, opportunity and desire collide, but for now I shall just be happy to have it out into the world.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, though, the calm before the stormette, the time for me to catch up with my own things before dedicating myself to everybody else’s.  Then, from Thursday, a new adventure in the studio, and who can tell where that might lead?