It took a while to get back into the swing of writing yesterday, mainly to determine the best course of action for a particular song, but once I was up and running there were some moments that fell together particularly easily.  I am still working on the first song of this set of three, but it is by far the longest and will provide the material for the other two, so it is important to get it as right as possible at the start of the process.

There are busy times coming up as well, meaning that I will be away from home a fair deal at least until the end of July, so I am keen to get as much done as I can while I am at my desk.  With the computer set up, printer to my right and piano to the left I can zip back and forth on my chair, and it is by far my favourite place to work.

I might even have these pieces finished in initial sketch by Monday, which would make them only slightly later than my self-imposed deadline, and I can live with that.  Then I plan to get deep into a competition piece, something that needs to be both substantial and finished by the end of the month, and for which I already have many ideas swimming around my head.

Tonight I don my other hat (well, one of my other hats) and go off to rehearse with RetroChic, for I am not needed at tomorrow’s Parliament Choir concert, and so will instead be entertaining some of Somerset’s finest with the funk sounds of the seventies while Parly Choir dig deep into the horrors of the Great War.  If ever I needed an illustration of just how wide my musical net reaches then this would be it.

RetroChic at The Fleece (4)

On duty with RetroChic.  Very rare shirt & waistcoat combo…

I also submitted an entry for a competition yesterday, and will treat it the way I do all competitions, namely by forgetting about it entirely until an email arrives to tell me of my success (rarely) or otherwise (encouragingly often).  A day full of musical endeavour, then, and much the same to look forward to today as well.