I managed to get a decent amount of admin done yesterday, enough to enable me to breathe a little at the beginning of the new week, and I made some music too, playing at Hampstead in the morning and then directing at Paddington in the evening.  Today is teaching and a rehearsal, but with some time in the middle to commit some new notes to the current set of songs.

I would hope to have these finished by the end of the week, for the coming weekend will see me hurtle northwards on Friday evening and then southwards on Satuday night, after which things are going to get busy for a few weeks.  It would be sensible to get as much done as I can while conditions are good.

I can always tinker and refine on the go, edit what is there on the computer, but the part of writing that involves creating is something that requires more specific conditions, so I try to make use of them when I can.  In my slightly itinerant lifestyle it can be difficult to keep to a regular timetable, so hay needs to be made when the sun comes out, however briefly.

There are two other pieces in the starting blocks at the moment, both of which are for competitions, and I am also hunting for texts for another composer, for something that could become a collaborative project later in the year.  Certainly there is enough to keep me busy.

By the end of tonight, though, I will be home, and I might just take a quick half an hour before bed to make a cup of tea, take a game for a spin and enjoy the fact that I am not having to drive anywhere tomorrow.  A chap is coming to begin the process of replacing our boiler, but that is a different story…